Why even many bad apples can’t spoil the bunch

Just a few will do.001Gracious.

What this journalist discovered makes it hard to argue that the one percent are human. Yet we still believe they are. That they inhabit bodies is enough evidence. More important, note the story outs only wall street financiers, not the many other one percenters who would never attend such parties, who donate millions to charity, and still have some empathy for the middle class and the poor.

Yes, this basket has a lot of bad apples. As we say though, we don’t need them all. Just a few will do.

Are we making excuses, trying to defend Plutocrats and kissing ass?


Or, perhaps we recognize we’re all in this together. Maybe, just maybe, keeping us divided ensures our compliance. Perhaps, an opening is created when we rediscover there’s a lot more in common among us than there are things that divide us.

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