Why NBR Is Better Than Money

Copiosis eliminates debt and replaces money with Net Benefit Reward (NBR). While it may bear a superficial resemblance to currency (money), it is more accurate to describe it as a “mini-Nobel Prize” for the rest of us. Unlike physical currency or money, NBR is not “earned.” It is awarded as an acknowledgment of the benefit a person’s actions confers on the community or the planet.

The amount of NBR a person is awarded depends on the impact of his or her actions on the community or the environment. Therefore, someone who develops a cure for a disease will receive more NBR than someone who carries a person’s groceries home for them.

NBR cannot be transferred to anyone other than the person to whom it is awarded, and can be used only by awardee to acquire Luxuries (non-Necessity items). This non-transferability eliminates many of our current problems, such as fraud and corruption, without the need for a justice system.

Unlike money, NBR is easily acquired, simply by following the principle of “Do no harm.” Any beneficial action, no matter how small, has value in Copiosis. When an action has a broader positive impact on the world, this results in “residual payments” in the form of an ongoing NBR stream for the actor.

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