Why Do We Need Copiosis?

Three main reasons:

#1 For You: 

For You

Do you love your job? Do you feel like your work is making the world a better place? If you do, congratulations! You are one of the few who do. Truth is that if they didn’t have to worry about money, most people would quit their job tomorrow and do something they love. The amount of lost human potential in this economy is mind-boggling with the vast majority of human beings forced to compete for wages simply to survive, while a minority enjoys fulfilling lives doing things they love and enjoying fruits of that joyful activity. Today we turn people and Nature into commodities used to perpetuate the system, while in the process stripping people of their dignity and Nature of her resources. What amazing thing would you do if you no longer had to work to simply survive?

#2: For Your Children: 

For Your Children

For the first time in modern times, most parents believe their children’s lives will be bleaker than their own. Even for those lucky enough to graduate from the universities enabling access to the “good life”, most will be saddled with debt to work off in service to an economy many young people care little about. Meanwhile, rising inequality and militarism makes the world even less secure. The natural world may not fare much better: by the time our kids have their grandchildren, what natural legacy will they get? In our hearts, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we know the current economy is tired and ready to go. We simply didn’t have an attractive alternative, until now.

#3: For Your Planet: 

For Your Planet

Earth. Our one and only home. The planet that has given everything we need to survive and then some, all without charge, can continue to do so. But not if we use systems perpetuating infinite, growth at the cost of the planet. Today, our collective goal is economic growth, measured in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or the sum total of all goods and services exchanged for money over a certain time period. We assume the greater this number gets, the more well-being gets created. There are countless studies disproving our assumption, growth continues measured this way. Stop growing the economy and recessions and depressions happen. Keeping the economy growing may mean converging the entire planet into a gigantic pile of money. We can and must do better. With Copiosis, we can.

This video gives a basic overview of why Copiosis can benefit everyone worldwide:

What Is Copiosis?

Copiosis is a new economic system that has only emerged as a possibility within the last few decades simply because we lacked the technology required to implement it.

Wait, why do we need a new economic system? Can’t we just fix capitalism? Well, essentially, that is what Copiosis does. By making a few small tweaks to what we have today, we ensure all basic needs are met, everyone is freed to find and pursue their passion, and everyone gets rich making positive contributions. How?

The main tweak is this. Instead of flowing capital towards profitable activities – things that create benefit, but, in a lot of cases also a LOT of harm – Copiosis ensures capital only flows towards net beneficial activities.

It works by replacing money with a completely virtual reward called Net Benefit Reward or NBR. You use NBR to get luxury goods and services. Unlike money, NBR is only redeemable, not transferrable. You and only you can redeem your NBR. When you redeem it, it disappears. Similarly, when you are awarded NBR, it isn’t transferred from someone else’s pocket. It comes from nothing in your pocket.

NBR represents society’s appreciation for those creating net benefit for people and the planet. The Copiosis algorithm calculates each NBR distribution. While it is a bit more complex than this, the calculation summarizes this way:

Net Benefit = Positive Impacts – Negative Impacts

Only activities producing a positive net benefit get rewarded. In this way, people who freely give basic necessities to others (food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare), create an obvious net benefit so long as how they do it minimized negative impacts. Anyone engaging in such activities gets NBR. NBR represents society’s gratitude.

Facilitating Copiosis functions, a new Copiosis Organization gets created. This organization is open to all. While the algorithm determines how much net benefit a particular activity has produced, someone must collect data the algorithm needs. Copiosis Organization members do this work at a variety of levels.

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