Life gets better starting today


“Boom and bust” cycles, financial crises, recessions, depressions, panics, inflation, stagnating and falling wages, pandemics, unemployment – these have been part of capitalism for 2,000 years. They are built-in to the system.

Who wants these endless crises? Conspiracy theories notwithstanding, nobody deliberately creates them.

In retrospect, we know why they happen and yet they keep happening. Don’t take our word for it search: “List of economic crises”. You’ll see they date back to the first century!

Look: capitalism inspires tremendous technological advances making our lives easier, healthier, safer and more interesting. But capitalism causes big problems too. Even those at the top struggle with them.

Enjoying easy, healthy, safer and more interesting lives is possible without poverty, oppression, disease, mental illness, wars and immeasurable environmental damage.

Imagine an alternative capitalism with free markets:

  • Free of “boom-bust business cycles”
  • That leave nobody behind
  • That are free from regulations or onerous taxation
  • That offer innovators and producers tremendous incentives and rewards
  • That value everyone’s talents, skills and contributions
  • That hold everyone accountable for their actions
  • That heal and preserve the environment
  • That offer true freedom from want (at no cost to anyone)

Don’t believe it possible? You’re in the right place. Start right here.