How It Happens

Copiosis is the only new economic system with a feasible transition plan out of capitalism, at a global scale.

Copiosis is the only economic system we’re aware of with a transition plan acknowledging our current, complex and intertwined socioeconomic system, and seamlessly transitioning out of that with no harm. Its design makes this possible.

It’s crucial no one be harmed. That’s goal number one. Second: as the transition happens, everyone should get richer, so everyone benefits. Third: our global socioeconomic prosperity and infrastructure must continue improving. Fourth: The environment must benefit too.

Our transition plan makes all this possible.

For example, our debt elimination plan acknowledges these four principles. At transition all individual and organizational debt is eliminated. All debt holders (creditors) are compensated for the net present value of their debt assets converted into Net Benefit Rewards. So your $30,000 car loan is eliminated. Shareholders in the bank that own the loan get $30,000 worth of NBR plus the net present value of the interest stream. So your debt gets erased and your creditors get what they deserve.

In this way, those who worked hard accumulating assets will lose nothing. All assets, including hard assets such as real estate and equipment, will still be controlled by those owning them.

Obviously, in Copiosis profit doesn’t exist. That means assets employed must generate net benefit if asset owners desire increased prosperity.

Taking from those who have and giving to those who have not is not part of our plan. Instead, we level the playing field so everyone gets the same opportunity: being positive contributors and being rewarded for that.

Our transition plan is detailed. As resources increase, we’ll be more and more transparent about what we’re doing, how, and how’s it going.

In this interview, Copiosis Founder Perry Gruber describes some transition details:

As a general overview, here’s how we make Copiosis happen:

Phase 1: Awareness and Foundation Building.

Spread the word. Build a financial base. Fund future phases.

Awareness is everything. Awareness leads to appreciation. Appreciation leads to funding. Our results already tell us people who learn about Copiosis do one (or more) of several things.

  1. They want to learn more, so they ask us questions
  2. In the process, their appreciation grows
  3. They share their appreciation with others
  4. They like us on social media or join our Facebook group
  5. They join our team in some meaningful way
  6. Some give us money

Copiosis enjoys global recognition on nearly every continent among target audiences. As recognition has grown, we’ve seen more people moving through these action steps. This first phase amplifies this, making more people aware of us. Our past shows when we do that some get excited. Some of the excited take one or more of these steps.

Target audiences going forward include certain influencers as well as people with mindsets and resources sufficient enough to fund our work. We know when we reach the right number of these people, they’ll start supporting us. 

Success indicator: 

A certain number of people following our work and a certain amount of funding sufficient to kick off phase 2.

Phase 2: Creating Edutainment

Educate through entertainment.

Our four main initiatives:

An online MMORPG similar to Second Life or World of Warcraft.

A streaming character drama set in a Copiosis world.

A theatrical (stage) event similar to Cirque du Soleil

This phase sees Copiosis leveraging education offered in entertaining ways to increase revenues and general support, understanding and appreciation of Copiosis:

  • Our MMORPG offers distinct benefits. One, it gives people a real-world simulation of how Copiosis would work. People could inhabit avatars, participate in the Copiosis economy and see for themselves how they might interact in such a world.
  • Meanwhile, we will produce a character drama set in a Copiosis world. Imagine Star Trek, a detective series, or crime or court drama, with compelling characters and engaging story line. Only the story happens in a Copiosis world.
  • In addition, we offer a live, on-stage performance, perhaps a musical, or acrobatic spectacular taking place in an imaginary Copiosis society.

These high-profile features dramatically increase awareness of and interest in Copiosis. Meanwhile our phase one activities continue, as we expect media coverage and further interest in our innovation as we succeed more and more.

Sustaining revenues from these events further fund transition. Revenues come from advertising, ticket, and promotional sales. Also, attending audiences may also contribute to increasing numbers of people giving $5-$50 a month as Copiosis supporters, creating a “community chest” of hundreds of millions of dollars a year, offset to some degree by operational expenses.

Success indicator(s): 

Three major initiatives underway. Millions of people aware of Copiosis. MMORPG well-populated. Streaming series online and many high net worth individuals are supporting Copiosis with significant funding.

Phase 3: Political Phase.

Cultivating our own electable officials

Here’s where it gets serious. We create our own Political Action Committee while cultivating Copiosis platform politicians in state and local legislatures. Eventually our politicians run for federal/parliamentary legislative posts. Once there, they sponsor the bill that will eventually codify the Copiosis transition legislation as an Act of Law.

This by far is our most ambitious phase. But if we succeed in Phase 2, Phase 3 naturally results from Phase 2’s success.

Success indicator(s): 

  1. Elect 1-3 state congress people or senators in at least one state. Replicate.
  2. Successfully place a minority of elected officials in the US Senate or US House
  3. Control both House and Senate
  4. Successfully pass Copiosis transition legislation

In summary, Four main reasons convince us Copiosis solves many of our world’s problems.

Copiosis will unleash a massive reservoir of untapped human potential by freeing huge swaths of humanity from living at or below poverty, while creating far more opportunity for the middle and upper classes. It will provide more opportunity to more individuals than ever before by providing housing, education, food, clothing and healthcare to all at no cost. Imagine what humanity can do when every person on the planet has all their basic needs provided and every person is free to follow their passion!

With maximizing benefit to people and the planet in mind, and no longer having to compete with other humans for basic necessities, societies will become more participatory and generous, unleashing the natural state of what it means to be human: generous, kind, and cooperative. What will society look like then?

Most scarcity is a function of cost. That you can’t have that which you can’t afford. With money out of the equation and necessities provided to all, your freedoms have never before been as abundant.

What is keeping us from joining hands and restoring our environment? For many it is the fact that exploiting earth means putting food on the table. For others, environmental stewardship costs too much: it would cost jobs, livelihoods, entire industries and economies.

In Copiosis costs are no longer a factor. Neither is earning a living. What’s more, those who are passionate about restoring the planet can do that work full time and be rewarded. If you aren’t one of those people, that work costs you nothing.

Engage with people around the world excited about what we’re doing.