Copiosis FAQ Compendium

This is our complete (but constantly growing) compendium of questions asked about Copiosis. The compendium comprises 130 pages answering both common and uncommon questions. This is our first volume. Check back for updates. Got a question about how Copiosis deals with some aspect of daily life? It’s likely here. If not, recommend a question!

A New Future Can Be Ours – English Forward

This is a document created from a funding prize Copiosis entered into in 2016. In this document, we examine how Copiosis would effect many aspects of global and local society: International Trade, Politics, Public Property, Private Property, Democracy, the profit motive, Welfare, Women’s issues and other social issues and more.

Copiosis: An Introduction Second Edition

This is the seminal work created by Copiosis founder, Perry Gruber. It gives a detailed Copiosis overview, offers Perry’s rationale for creating Copiosis and provides example scenarios for how the system might effect certain people. A must read if you’re wanting to understand Copiosis