The Best Of All Worlds

No matter your political, social, environmental, economic, or spiritual views, you’ll find living in Copiosis more freeing and prosperous. In Copiosis, society doesn’t have to force everyone to get along through laws or punishment. It’s designed to bring out the best in human nature, so that being evil or mean literally doesn’t pay. Peace Officers still exist. Constitutional principles still hold. However, when everyone has their needs met, why not get along? The incentives for home invasions, robberies, and most other crimes vanish when everyone is really free to live in vibrant, prosperous and moral communities open to all with no competition necessary. We’ve made possible massive industrial and social innovations and improvements in a clean environment. We’ve also made debt, taxes, and government unnecessary; freeing you to do what you want. Best of all, basic necessities are given to everyone and all this COSTS NO ONE ANYTHING, INCLUDING YOU, THE RICH, OR ANYONE ELSE.