Spend time with family, go to church, start a business, pursue hobbies, take long vacations, do whatever you want. You get paid for all these things and more. Nearly everything you do you get paid for, because everything you do benefits others. In Copiosis you become wealthy by being human, not by working all day every day for companies that don’t care about you. In this video, we use the example of a traditional factory to show how Copiosis works. Joe and people working with him are passionate about what they make. However, no one who is dispassionate about the job has to work in that factory. Do what you want. The more your actions benefit others, the more recognition and wealth you acquire. The Copiosis algorithm pays you while you benefit your community. Meanwhile, your community members give you everything you need without you having to pay for those things, and they in turn reap their rewards.


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