Net Benefit Rewards is what people get when they make the people and the planet better off in “net” terms. In a way, it represents a person’s net benefit contribution to society. Net Benefit Rewards is NOT MONEY. Copiosis is a moneyless society. There is no money in Copiosis. Once you get NBR, it’s yours. You’re not in competition with others for NBR. In other words, how much NBR you get doesn’t limit how much another can get. Your NBR can’t be taken from you against your will. It is nontransferrable, meaning, you can’t give your NBR to another person either. NBR comes from nowhere. When it’s used, it goes back where it came from – nowhere! Finally, NBR is good for one thing and one thing only: consuming luxuries.

Don’t make the mistake thinking NBR is money. It’s not. Find out more. Ask a question. Or visit our FAQ page.