Health5Can a pandemic propel us into the future? Yup.

Fifty years ago, we thought flying cars, eating meals from replicators and exploring galaxies would be 2020 mainstays. Instead, we’re still squabbling over capitalism vs. socialism, rich vs. poor, who gets taxed what. Meanwhile, the economy is at risk and the world’s on lockdown.

But COVID-19 represents our most recent health crisis. The fact is, health crises, like financial crises, are normal. Tax reform, election reform, market reform…all these ideas are good, if we want to keep the status quo. But they’re nothing when it comes to better preparing us for the next crisis.

We can do better and we must. We’re in the future.

If we really want to SOLVE our social and economic problems, while at the same time enjoy prosperity levels the likes we only dream about, we must give up the past and the present and embrace a future COVID-19 offers.

What future? The one that would come out of a marriage of Bernie Sanders and Ayn Rand. Sound like a Frankenstein, right? We don’t think so. Here’s what that future looks like:

  • A future where education is provided to all (worldwide) at no cost to anyone.
  • A future where no one (including institutions and organizations) is in debt.
  • A future where all medical care needed to thrive is given to all at no cost to anyone.
  • A future where food for everybody is provided, again, at no cost.¬†
  • A future where everyone can find their passions, then align their work with that and doing that get rich.
  • A future where no one pays any taxes at all, yet everything we pay taxes for gets better and better.
  • A future where rich people get richer and the poor and middle class get rich too.
  • Oh, and in this future, the economy is bulletproof, impervious to economic crises born of pandemics or any other problems.

This isn’t a fanciful utopian pipe dream. It’s a real future available, and not just an American future. We’d prefer America get there first, but it doesn’t have to.

If you think this future impossible, then we’re glad you’re not the one making it happen. That said, we don’t blame you thinking it impossible.

We aren’t hobbled by the past or the present. We see both for what they are. Precursors to the future. Here’s your invitation, right here on this website.¬†Look around, learn, ask questions. It’s important you understand what’s possible. Start here.