Finding Joy in dispersed work teams

...that’s what makes what we’re all doing so thrilling. When you meet people of the same mindset, focused on the same big hairy ass goal (BHAG) that you’re focused on, it’s fun, joyful even, thinking about the possibilities.

Why the transition is mental, not technological

It’s fine (and fun for some) to talk about future technologies, planned future mega-cities, energy systems, transportation systems, water producing systems and the like, when contemplating transitioning to the RBE. But if you’re really wanting the RBE to become your reality, you’re going to have to start focusing on changing people.

How we determine Net Benefit

I created a video recording of a conversation between myself and a member of the Payer Organization, in which we are determining variable values used by the Copiosis Algorithm. More people are beginning to ask exactly how these values are determined. This recording gives an example.

Iteration: The key to success

When shooting for an ideal, whether it’s a new product or service, a movement or an empire, your chances for success are far better if you create a tangible representation of that thing as soon as possible. People will inevitably criticize your first attempt.  They don’t understand the value having an early version of your idea … Continue reading Iteration: The key to success