If not you, who?

I've made the argument that getting rid of government is a good idea, mainly because it is interested only in its self-preservation. I've also argued that traditional tools for sparking change—demonstrations opposing something and charismatic leaders leading the masses on a cause—are bygone tactics of a bygone era. If this is all true, then what? It's … Continue reading If not you, who?

Ending majority rule and wide engagement

In Copiosis, all citizens have a handheld device they use to interact with each other and the Copiosis system.  A Copiosis enthusiast recently asked the following question about our handheld devices: Any handheld device or similar system becomes an instant tool for engagement or voting.  How do we ensure the widest possible engagement in decision … Continue reading Ending majority rule and wide engagement

Why you won’t own a home in Copiosis

A visitor asked a great question about home ownership. Question:  In our current system, the only way most people can own housing is via mortgage debt.  In Copiosis, I assume we would need enough Net-Benefit Reward to "purchase" luxury housing outright.  How could we do this without the equivalent of a 25-year mortgage? In Copiosis you … Continue reading Why you won’t own a home in Copiosis

How citizen juries will run the planet

People often ask how Copiosis accounts for personal moral and ideological views that inevitably influence human economic behavior. Some say the Copiosis model can't work because it is impossible to objectively quantify human values. It is a basic tenet of free markets that they allow people to exercise their values, morals, and ideologies—including how those affect economic decisions—in a free and … Continue reading How citizen juries will run the planet