Here is what people are saying about Copiosis….


“I can’t get through half a day without noticing something or someone who reminds me of this incredible innovation. it’s a God send.”

– Erica

IT’s happening….I experienced you and your work at Ingenuity Innovation and the skillful way you partnered with us…I experienced you doing great things in your presentation and the didactic interchange that followed your lecture…I loved the way you used myth to melt some polarizations that happened when an impasse emerged in our drama. I am convicted you and your partners are leading us to a world I want to see and you help see how I could take part in this big mind-set shift which will improve our planet sustain-abllity in the context of our daily lives. I hope I can keep up with Copious on line…Good Luck”


“Your book: Inspiring, motivational, a joy and pleasure to read and ponder. And to pass on to others.”

– Julie


“I’m fascinated….curious…looking forward to reading more about this.”

– Julie

“I must say that this is the most interesting and promising system that I have heard of yet.”

– John


“Let me say that I am increasingly impressed by both your grasp of the concept you are espousing, and your ability to convey the essential elements of it.  I am also impressed with your planning and ability to conceptualize an outcome…You may have just convinced me that [Copiosis] may be possible, given a scenario I didn’t think of in this context.” 

– Ray


“Heard about this through a PDX eco-village group online, and how could I NOT inquire into the details of Copiosis? Always interested in a new paradigm to, as Bucky Fuller would put it, make the current monstrosity obsolete.” 

– Joe

“What I caught of your presentation tonight was fantastic. I’d like to know more, and will be in touch!”

–  Joseph

“Thank You so much for starting the conversation. We all need to have this type of open communication for change to ever happen and happen it must. Slowly, but surely, people are beginning to wake up. But without solutions, we only have what seem to be unsolvable problems…Here’s to Solutions!”

– Donna


“I shall continue to follow your site and initiatives with interest.”

– Daan

“First, I want to thank you for putting…that seems to be equal parts vision and action – as you say, work on a transition plan….it is encouraging to hear more than spewed anarchism and “damn the system” talk…I’m definitely going to continue to read at Copiosis, and I would love to help out however I can-heck, I’d love to simply be a fly on the wall in a discussion or to have a cup of coffee with you…If there’s any way I can help-clerical work, envelope stuffing, menial economic research, you name it- I’d just love to learn from you guys and to help actualize this plan.  Please feel free to reach out.”

– John

“It sounds pretty remarkable. I wonder what it would be like to actually make it happen.”

– An attorney and entrepreneur


“I personally like the idea, of course, what reasonable person wouldn’t…?”

– An educator


“Sounds like the kind of world God would create.”

– A Christian Believer


“The possibility of this happening is about as unlikely as Barak Obama becoming president.”

– An entrepreneur

“Well, as a mother, I really like it!”

– Mother of one