X What is Copiosis?

Copiosis_Cover_5.5x8.5Copiosis is a socioeconomic innovation that frees human civilization from debt-based economies, socio-economic domination, and government control.

Can food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and education be provided for all, at no cost to them?

Can humanity free itself from  political, governmental, and economic corruption?

Can we end deadening wealth disparity, poverty, crime and more?

Can society operate without debt, credit, or even money as we know it, today?

How do we free people from the bondage of debt, leaving people to follow their wildest dreams?

Copiosis: An introduction answers these questions and more, introducing a socio-economic innovation unlike anything attempted by humanity. With Amazon Prime, you can borrow and read all 107 pages free from Amazon.com for a limited time.

For those without an Amazon account, a conceptual overview is available here.  A more technical view of the innovation, which includes a basic overview of algorithms which make Copiosis work is here. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have after reading. Thanks for visiting!