3D printed house: permitted and ready

We’re pretty impressed with New Story, a nonprofit organization doing amazing things in the world.

I heard the other day New Story is in the news with a new partnership where they are once again, breaking new ground. In this case, literally in some ways.

The organization is joining forces with a futuristic construction company to build homes for the homeless and “extreme poor” by 3-D printing them.

That’s pretty cool.

Take a look:


I’m not too keen on the nonprofit industrial complex, but this organization seems to be doing a lot of things correctly. You can read more about their work at their website.

The question in my mind is, is this new approach to home building coming to the US? It appears their prototype is in Texas. These homes can be constructed for as little as $6500. That’s a pretty low price point. If they can do that in the US, that would be pretty cool.

I mean, compare this “house” below, with the one above. And I’ve seen houses just like this for the homeless here in my town.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 17.01.16 PM.jpg

I’ve followed New Story’s work from the time they crushed the Red Cross in relief RESULTS after the Haiti earthquake. I’m curious to see how far they’re able to take this new technology. And how long it will be before mainstream homes get built this way.

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