A Message to Socialists from Copiosis

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So – you want no-cost housing, food, healthcare and education for everyone? At Copiosis, we say, That’s Great! And Yes! Every human being absolutely should have those things at no cost.

Here’s the good news: it can be done. Easily. We can have such a system phased in nationwide within a few years, and worldwide within a decade. Everyone not just decently, but comfortably housed, fed, clothed, ministered to when sick or injured, and well educated – at NO cost to them (or anyone else…read on…).

Here’s the catch…

These wonderful “social programs”, all these Necessities provided to every human being at no cost to them (or anyone else…keep going), are provided by Private Enterprise. Free Markets. We’re talking Serious Ayn Rand, here. In fact, Big Government, Regulations, Taxes – all those foundations of a Socialist State — non-existent. Virtually Zero, Zip, Nada.

Now…we understand how you feel. Private Enterprise and Free Markets? WTF?? That’s…CAPITALISM!!!! 😱

Well, not exactly. It would be more accurate to say that Capitalism is the current framework within which private enterprise and free markets operate.

That framework involves many things, institutions and belief systems that served us well at one time, but have outlived their usefulness.

It’s not evil, it’s just obsolete

That antiquated framework that we call Capitalism, which relies on some kind of slavery, whether it be driven by the lash (human bondage), obligation (feudalism) or debt (modern capitalism), constrains business to do certain things.

Even under the current Capitalist system, we are seeing Business straining to get free of these constraints. It is difficult, because they are still operating under the mandate of maximizing profits to the exclusion of all other considerations.

In short, if the choice comes down to “How Much Environmental or Social or Economic Harm Does it Do?” vs. “How Much Money Can I Make/Will it Cost?”, the latter wins.

Every time.

The Copiosis Difference

Copiosis changes the first part to “How Much Environmental and Human Benefit Will it Generate?” If the entrepreneur’s product or service generates Benefit, s/he gets rewards (as well as those who were involved). The greater the Benefits, the greater those rewards. (See this post to understand how it works.)

Part of making the people and the planet better off is providing homes, food, clothing, healthcare and education to others – so those who have business acumen and learn how to apply those skills in Copiosis toward improving life for everyone are going to enjoy the greatest rewards. Since those rewards are given by the community (not a dysfunctional, obsolete financial “system”), the people who need homes, food and other necessities don’t pay a dime.

So, yes, liberal socialist friends – it is the privatized “free market” that provides to each according to their needs — while taking nothing from anyone else.

As long as it gets done, do you really care HOW it gets done?

By KJ McElrath

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