All Dreams Are Possible In Copiosis

Capitalism was always meant to be temporary
Photo Credit: Dominics pics

For decades we have been frustrated. It’s time to let that go by doing something that changes the game once, and for all.

A lot of things are not working. But the biggest challenge of them all is politics and its close ties with traditional capitalist economies. The two run so closely together it is sometimes very difficult to tell them apart.

It could be said that the two are the same, given how influential capitalist interests are in politics and vice versa. Of all the things worth improving in human civilizations, this one is second only to money. Why? Because it perpetuates many other things we must improve.

Tied to this problem are real impacts on you and me. You can feel it. It disconnects us, separating us into factions. Whether you’re progressive or conservative, whether you’re with movements across the world to change the system or whether you’re for defending the way things are, the opposition that rises from inside you towards people you think don’t think like you is a symptom of the disconnection you feel.

We have far more things in common than the few things we may disagree about. This disconnection comes from participating in the shenanigans: attacking people on the opposite aisle instead of finding common ground, believing people who earn fortunes from us by manipulating us on TV and radio, accepting political messages of the right and the left as fact, and, most damaging, believing that earning a living is a requirement, when in reality, it is not.

It doesn’t have to be this way

We’ve gone on for so long accepting these shenanigans. Why? Because, until now we had no real solution. That stops right here.

Copiosis offers a practical new reality by adopting an economy that not only works, but repairs the damage we created.

Copiosis holds producers accountable for market externalities while spurring  innovation by making nearly everything cost-free. Along with that accountability comes unprecedented freedom, safe, healthy communities and plenty of things do to get rich if that’s what you want.

With Copiosis, you are no longer required to align yourself with extreme policies, media spokespersons, or “party lines” to get what you want and need.

In Copiosis, your needs are provided by others at no cost to you or anyone else. And your wants are yours in return for helping others. It’s that easy and it’s that simple.

We’ve lived a long time accepting shenanigans in return for far less than what we dream. It’s time to realize our dreams, now. Dreams are possible with Copiosis. 

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