Americans And Farmers Fight Over How To Feed The World

An NPR story describes the conflict between farming ideology and the need for sustainable farming practices. In Copiosis such compromises are unnecessary.

Americans don’t want our farmers feeding the world. They’d rather see them feed Americans and do it sustainably. Farmers are saying they are doing what they can to feed the world. Using pesticides and other harmful practices are the means to maximizing yield per acre, they say. 

We disagree. Industrial farming is the best way to maximize yield per dollar. In other words, as in all manufacturing, monetary efficiency is the order of the day.

Humanity can feed itself and simultaneously not only take care of the planet, but regenerate it. But doing so in a literally cost-conscious economic model is near impossible. 

That’s why the world needs a better way.

If we’re going to rise to our potential, humanity needs a better way too.


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