Anatomy of an effective movement, Part 1

Character AssassinationAleksei Navalny’s fame landed him in a Russian court that handed him an indictment on false charges. He’s been imprisoned many times. Putin’s regime even tried (and failed) assassinating him. But the accuracy of his accusations continue plaguing Russian corruption and graft.

Copiosis is the only movement I’m aware of that is implementing a real-world transition plan, not just talking about it or hoping for one, that will ultimately lead to freedom levels for all humanity the likes of which have not been seen.

Our approach is based on transformation methods that others have used successfully.  I was unaware of Navalny’s success until a friend brought him to my attention.  After reading about him in Vox, I was impressed and gratified.

I was gratified (and remain so) because Navalny’s work in Russia is at least a dozen years ahead of Copiosis.  In that 12-year lead he demonstrates to the letter the same approach we’re taking to eliminate capitalism, government, and earning a living, and to creating a world where everyone is richer and freer than ever before.

This post is the first in a series that examines each element that contributes to Navalny’s success.  As I see it, these elements have made his success possible:

  • Be patiently persistent.
  • Take the time to understand the problem from a powerful, unique perspective.
  • Make accusations specific.
  • Push an activist’s model that unifies people and that others can emulate.
  • Use the strategy:  Inclusion is the best defense against tyranny, they can’t arrest us all.
  • Be likable and seen as genuinely of the people and interested in their welfare.
  • Use the Internet as your headquarters.
  • Let time and the system work in your favor.

Let’s take a look at the first point.

It takes a while

Everything remarkable, anything that made dramatic change in any field whatsoever, was an overnight 20-year success story.  Navalny’s approach to galvanizing Russians into going after corruption has been underway for 10 years and continues today.

In that time, Navalny used his charm, wit, profession (law), and ingenuity to understand himself, build a small army, and figure out the specific truth behind general complaints all Russians know about their government, their politics, and their economy. His army and fame proved instrumental recently in saving his life after the Kremlin tried offing him.

I love what he’s done.  He took the common, vague complaint  “Everything is corrupt in Russia”, and figured out a way to take the government to task for that reality.  The result over the years has been dramatic. So much so, his opposition resorted to the only thing they could think of to silence him.

In Copiosis, we’re taking the same steps.  We’ve understood for some time that people generally know capitalism no longer works for people, even the one percent.  We are designing an innovation that addresses issues underlying complaints nearly everyone these days agrees on, especially in light of COVID-19:

  1. It seems strange that we have to work to earn money to pay for food, clothing, education, housing, and health care.
  2. Our economies put everyone in debt-bondage, except the very few.
  3. Corporations and corporatized individuals now control all popular “representative” governments.  This must stop.
  4. Earning a living is on its face absurd.

We’re slowly building an army of people dedicated to promoting and implementing specific solutions to these four issues that will simultaneously make every person on the planet far more wealthy and more free than they’ve ever been before.

One way you know that your efforts are paying off:  The establishment tries to assassinate your character.  They can’t refute the truth of what you’re saying, so they try to discredit you.  That’s exactly what Navalny is facing.  He’s making a difference, and so is his army.

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