Being happy creates opportunity

Be HappyThis is NOT new age bullshit.

It works.

Copiosis is benefiting hugely from our new strategic focus – away from traditional organizational management and towards embracing being happy in our work. No quarterly goals, performance reviews, revenue targets. We don’t recognize everything “wrong” with the world. Rather, we focus on the fantastic world we’re creating with our innovation.

As a result of our orientation, a shift we made in July, we have made remarkable progress. We now have our draft Net Benefit formula/algorithm in beta testing right now. We’ll be releasing it publicly soon. Our small, but capable software development group is building the user interface and designing the user experience. We’re building the systems needed to run our demonstration project in Portland, Oregon. In short, we’re making rapid progress.

I firmly believe this project is the on-the-ground beginning of Transition from our capitalist, debt-based economy, to a full-blown moneyless gift economy. We’re going to see one community, then another, then ten, then a hundred adopt our innovation. From there, the pace of change will be remarkable.

One person looking at what’s possible rather than what is, is more influential than millions focused on what is wrong with the world. That’s why we’re excited. We have more than 30 people working with us.

Happiness is the key to transforming the world. It creates opportunity, it allows inspiration. It also feels good.

That’s awesome!



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