Capitalism’s velvet fist: job retention

Velvet Fist.001Popular iconography is “velvet handcuffs”. It’s that place you don’t like or even hate, but the benefits are so good you can’t  quit.

Or, you’re so much in debt, you can’t “afford” to.

Better term: velvet fist. Get outta line and you’ll meet the hard side. It’ll hammer you back into shape (conformity) if you speak out against wrong-doing, injustice, or illegal behavior. It’s ruined careers, even killed people. You think you’d act differently than those who cower behind “I’d be fired or worse?”


Earning a living = carrot + stick. Carrot: that stuff you buy with money you earn that’s left over after bills. It keeps you “happy” (compliant). The stick: what smacks your ass when you speak your truth, poke the system, or try to make it better.

Some don’t fear the stick. We’ll need more people like this in the future.

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