Copiosis: Better Than A Wealth Of Four-Leaf Clovers

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

It’s time to ring in another celebration. This time an imported celebration from a land far away: Ireland. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. A time of revelry and merry making. We think it’s also a wonderful time to revel in the future that is Copiosis.

The Irish holiday celebrates the Patron Saint of Ireland and the introduction of Christianity. St. Patrick’s Day features shamrocks, leprechauns, wearing green, drinking, loud raucous revelry and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

The gold-filled pot we see at Copiosis is our collective treasure eagerly awaiting humanity on the other side of the Copiosis transition plan. It’s that castle on the hill, as some describe Copiosis – that golden payoff so many see, but few grasp. We see it clear: it is a world where everyone is wealthy…and no one is.

For if everyone is wealthy, the idea of “wealth“ doesn’t really exist. After all, “wealth“ is defined by the absence of it. The wealthy are only wealthy in comparison to those who are not.

In the future, humanity may still celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, but it will also celebrate how we eliminated “wealth“ as defined by the absence of it via Copiosis.

In Copiosis we’re all rich

Humanity’s natural state is blessed abundance. Abundance is natural to everything. Everything on the planet enjoys abundance. The only reason some humans don’t enjoy abundance is because our socioeconomic frameworks and the mindset fostered by those frameworks keep us believing the frameworks are real and abundance is not.

Copiosis ends that delusion. In its wake exists a new framework. A framework where everyone enjoys all their necessities at no cost and abundance so plentiful, every individual is enormously rich – and all those riches, like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, costs no one anything.

Probably more important than riches is what Copiosis makes possible relative to freedom. We define “freedom” uniquely. No doubt, if you read this blog before, you have seen this:

We call this real freedom.

Real freedom allows everyone room to do, be, or have whatever they want. Anything less than that pales in comparison. Which is why Copiosis stands superior to pretty much every other innovation.

We offer a better mindset, not a better mousetrap

We love those who see Copiosis offers a new way of thinking about humanity, its civilizations and its relationship to the planet. Understanding our innovation is as unique as the innovation itself. As one interview team put it who gets it, we’re not building a better mousetrap, we’re offering a new way of thinking about mice.

Building that understanding takes everyone a while. But once the pieces fall together, our innovation’s elegance becomes apparent. Want to understand more about Copiosis? Check out our home page or go to our basics page and dive deep.

Meanwhile, enjoy your green beer, don’t get pinched for not wearing green, and know as the future unfolds, there will be a whole lot more to celebrate and a lot less to be green with envy over.

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