Don’t believe everything you think

ObsoleteOften I get the question “Has anything like Copiosis been attempted before?”

Another: “Is this something you can do on a small scale to test it?”

People asking such questions undoubtedly are looking for confirmation Copiosis can work before believing it as a real possibility.

Just six months ago, I was answering such questions with a resounding “no”. I honestly thought there was no way we’d be able to demonstrate something so radical as a way to run societies without money, governments or markets, even though that was exactly what was happening before money and the The State emerged.

Of course my answer was wrong.

Tuesday, July 29 saw two dozen people converge on my office to hear a presentation on the first demonstration ever of a Copiosis society. Attendees represented Zeitgeist PDX, Occupy Portland and the Portland Transition Town community. The demonstration, scheduled to kick off this fall, has a number of goals including demonstrating Copiosis’ workability. When it succeeds we’re looking forward to it spreading to all manner of intentional communities, ecovillages, and regular neighborhoods, eventually making the status quo obsolete by creating a better way to run society.

What’s exciting is how quickly this project emerged from a state where we at Copiosis thought it would take 10 or more years to get to this point. But today, a few weeks since the meeting and with more than 30 volunteers working together to make it happen, I’m still surprised how quickly all this is happening.

Don’t believe everything you think.

I’ll publish the project plan shortly, including the presentation and a video of the meeting. In the meantime, our excitement here at Copiosis is pretty high.

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