Why I’m Doubling Down On Copiosis, Again


In the course of creating extraordinary results, one’s fears and insecurities become one’s greatest barrier.

Fears and insecurities must be responded through so progress can continue towards the extraordinary. Moving through fears creates increased resolve, especially when moving through fears creates outcomes consistent with one’s dreams.

I call this “moving through” “doubling down.”

The last seven months prove doubling down makes possible real results.

Copiosis has grown tremendously since the new website went live earlier this year. COVID-19, the economic shut down and now the US presidential election bring clarity for many Americans. Some get our established system must change.

Had I allowed fears and insecurities to stop me seven years ago, Copiosis would not be were it is now. Imagine what it will be like seven years hence?

Cultivate the beginner’s mind

An old martial arts saying plays a role in my supporting Copiosis as its cause. It goes: “After one thousand times, you’re still a beginner.”

I know I must increase my comfort with uncertainty and change. I don’t know everything I need to know to make Copiosis a reality. I rely on forces much larger than me, forces offering inspiration in perfect timing. My job isn’t to know. It is to feel the inspiration, then act. I can’t feel inspiration if I think I know. That’s the beginner’s mind.

I am clear these forces work in my favor. Doubling down showed me they are real, they support me and feeling them, then following their inspiration works. Overwhelming evidence surrounds me.

So I don’t worry about not having answers to every question. These forces know the answers. I rely on them to open doors, provide strategic alliance opportunities, create funding paths and answer questions I cannot.

My allies are imagination, creativity and a playful focus. These bring me all I need when they’re needed and when I’m ready for them. I believe in my allies. I rely on them 100 percent.

This year clarified for many that the status quo doesn’t work. More signs loom on the horizon. People are very insecure.

That’s a good thing.

Maybe feeling insecurity, they will consider things once thought inconsiderable. Considering them, they may one day realize, those finding joy in promoting Copiosis right now knew something the insecure didn’t.

Some day, standing in the world Copiosis will create, people excited by Copiosis today, who others thought were crazy, will be considered in that future those who dared.

And in their daring, they made something possible. Something extraordinary. Something benefitting human civilization for thousands of years. A world of equal opportunity. A world of unequal outcomes.

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