Doubling down


doubling-downIn the course of creating extraordinary results, one is confronted by one’s own fears and insecurities, fears and insecurities which must be responded through so progress can continue. Facing these fears begets increased resolve.

I call this “doubling down.”

2016 brought awesome progress to the work I’m doing. I expect 2017 will show even more momentum, increased results and more evidence that Copiosis is the future people are asking for. In supporting this work, I must increase my own capacity for uncertainty and change. I must accept that I don’t know everything I need to know to make Copiosis a reality. I must accept that I am relying on forces much larger than me to make this all happen.

And yet, I am clear these forces work in my favor.

I approach this work with a broad perspective on the “hows” – those things I do not have all the answers for. And how can I? I’m a human being. Yet, my allies in this work if far more knowledgeable. I rely on them to open doors for me, providing the hows when I don’t know them myself. My allies are imagination, creativity and a playful focus on what I’m wanting. My allies bring me answers I don’t have at just the time I need them. I have never been let down relying on these allies. I don’t believe I ever will.

A major turning point happened in December, requiring a deeper commitment on my part. I’ve stepped into that commitment. And now it’s time to move forward with even greater resolve. And so, it is time to double down, not look back and remember that great things are accomplished by those who dare.

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