Ending Fake News Is Easy

The best way to end fake news: make people free. That way they have time to critically analyze what they take in. Until they’re free, people are stooges for their controllers.

Consider this crazy dichotomy lifted from this great source on crime:

Public attitudes about crime also differ by Americans’ partisan affiliationrace and ethnicity and other factors. For example, in a summer Pew Research Center survey, 74% of registered voters who support Trump said violent crime was “very important” to their vote in this year’s presidential election, compared with a far smaller share of Joe Biden supporters (46%).

Stunning right? Overwhelming numbers of Trump voters said crime was “very important” to their vote, while less than half of Biden voters said the same.

What’s going on here?

I had a conversation on twitter recently with a Republican who decried how the left considers Republicans as “fear mongers”. A “monger” is a person who deals in something, or promotes a specific activity in this case fear.

What’s interesting about the political comparison relative to crime is, Republicans are mongering in fake fear because crime is in steep decline in the US:

Now, it must be said democrats did similarly in previous years, with Biden being a serious monger not long ago. After all, fear mongering gets votes. Which is why I say we need to end politics, right along with capitalism, communism and socialism then make people free. More on that in a moment.

The stats show that Republicans right now ARE fear mongers. If 74 percent of Trump voters think crime is a voting issue, while data show crime is in steep decline, someone must be convincing these voters that crime is a thing, when it’s not.

Isn’t claiming that crime is rampant fake news? Isn’t saying, as Trump did in 2017, that we need to end the American carnage mongering in fear?

I think it is.

How to end fake news

There’s no reason it MUST be this way other than your belief that it must be this way. Thankfully beliefs are changing. We’re doing our part at Copiosis to effect that change.

We know ending fake news will only happen when people are free, when people have time to think, play and relax. When people don’t have to earn a living, the world will become better, faster. But only real freedom can do that. Not democracy. Not capitalism, not communism and not socialism.

Real freedom is possible with Copiosis. Copiosis ends not only capitalism, but communism and socialism too. It does that by focusing on making people really free.

You think you know what “freedom” looks like. Actually, you don’t. Real freedom, sounds like this:

A person who is free can do nothing if that’s what they want to do. A person who wants to spend all their time learning to paint, play video games or fish or whatever, can. And they can do these things (or anything else) without going hungry, living on the street, or losing their healthcare. They can also get all the education they need or want to learn or improve any skill, while doing whatever they want, without having to earn money to do those things. And, the person exercising their freedom as described here can do so without anyone else having to do anything they don’t want to do to support that person.

– Perry Gruber, Founder, Copiosis

Armed with that kind of freedom, people have time to think. They can make sense of the world around them directly, instead of relying on other people or organizations whose best interests are served in keeping them not free.

Ending fake news: That’s easy. Make people free. That’s easy too.

How? Give them Copiosis.

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