Get paid for doing virtually anything

Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash
Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

How we value things today skips over so many things you do that create value, it boggles the mind to think about it. Your contribution to the world, no matter what you do, is PRICELESS.

But the way we compensate people for what they do can’t afford your priceless value. Human contributions represent so much value, there’s not enough money in the world to compensate for it all. The entire system would go broke trying.

That’s one reason why we created Copiosis. Because your contribution is worth far more than money can buy. In fact, nearly anything you do has value. You should be paid for that.

What you do for yourself benefits others

Do you get paid to exercise? In Copiosis, you probably will. (Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash)

Take exercising for example. Someone in our social group recently shared the following:

Would a person also get NBR for excercising in Copiosis? At first i didn’t think so as it’s something that came across to me as only benefiting yourself. But then i realized, you probably should as building your strength, stamina and overall fitness levels helps you to perform better at work as a producer. Without keeping yourself fit, some jobs may not even get done. Especially work that involves heavy lifting or having the endurance to work long hours. It is something that helps lead to the creation of an end product, mental health improves also so i don’t see why not unless for whatever reason exercising cannot be verified in the report to the Copiosis organization after an act is completed.

Isn’t exercise a preventative medicine regimen? If you exercise, aren’t you lowering the impact you’re likely to have on medical resources? Aren’t you increasing your resiliency and well being? If you exercise, aren’t you happier and therefore more pleasant to be around? Aren’t you able to work more and sleep better? Don’t you feel better?

And if all those things benefit you, how can they not benefit those you come in contact with? When you’re feeling good, how can you not influence others, no matter how subtle, in ways that also influence those people towards good?

You’ll probably get awards in Copiosis when you exercise, for benefits you create when you do that. Not only benefits you get from exercising, but benefits you create for society by exercising too.

Virtually anything a human does creates net benefit. That benefit can’t be compensated for with money. But it can be in Copiosis. This is one way people get rich in Copiosis. Virtually anything you do merits an award.

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