Getting Worse Before Better Comes

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Is polarity happening in the world deliberate? Or random?

At Copiosis we know nothing is random. It all happens as outgrowths from people’s focus. Such outgrowths flow as indications showing us all what can be in light of what we have.

I remember long ago being trained as a Marine Corps Journalist. In that training instructors stressed how important objectivity and factual accuracy was. No bias. No inaccuracies. We must report in a way reflecting an objective, accurate viewpoint. For with each article, journalism’s objectivity was on trial.

It’s from that perspective that I observe: what the hell happened to journalism and the media?

The more time goes by, it seems, the more media outlets lean one way or the other. Inaccuracy and factual inconsistencies increasingly flood some outlets. It’s no wonder so few trust the media. One third of Americans even see the media as the enemy of the people.

What happened?

I’m not sure the internet helped matters. Today, nearly anyone with something to say and a smattering of equipment can share what they have to say whether what they say represents productive discourse or divisive drivel.

I suppose everything contributing to the world benefits in the end. And, as the old saying goes, it if hasn’t benefited yet, we’re not at the “end”.

So in that light, I consider relatively recent craziness coming from the mouth of the vocal conservative Steve Bannon, former head of Breitbart News and chief strategist for Donald Trump, as something benefitting us all. To whit:

“The Democrats don’t matter. The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”

Taegan Goddard from Political Wire had this to day about Bannon’s approach: “One response to this situation is to walk away and tune everything out. After all, it takes real effort to comb through the bullshit, and most people have busy lives and limited bandwidth. Another reaction is to retreat into tribal allegiances. There’s Team Liberal and Team Conservative and pretty much everyone knows which side they’re on. So you stick to the places that feed you the information you most want to hear.”

Is that the best approach?

Yep. That’s one response. But is it the most appropriate? Certainly there’s no one-size-fits-all appropriate response. Looking at how the world is turning, you’d think Bannon’s approach nailed it. Divisiveness is at an all time high and the media’s reputation stinks.

Of course, generally speaking, if you’re liberal, you’ll give MSNBC a pass. Same for Fox News if you’re conservative.

Bannon captured hearts and minds of conservative political leadership and far right on air celebrities such as Rush Limbaugh and convinced them doubling down on divisiveness wins votes. And since politicians are all about the votes – not so much about policy that works for all – such leaders pay full allegiance to Bannon’s strategy.

Votes still get cast in the other direction. But such dynamics exacerbate see-saw politics we’re seeing today.

Where’s the good news

I think the good news is we’ll see more of this before things get better. The more we’re going to see further prepares society for Copiosis.

It won’t be fun for some. I know even within Copiosis as we further refine our team along lines of no excuses positivism, we’re seeing our own team rumblings and losses. So our Copiosis “world” currently is not too dissimilar from what’s going on around us.

It always gets worse before it gets better though. That’s because in the “worse” humans ask more strongly, thereby amplifying vibrations which create the improvement they want to see. Once the better starts, if people focus just on that, it’s better, better, better forever.

Most people don’t understand that, so they don’t benefit from “better” their focus creates. Instead, they keep focusing on that “worse” serving as the seed for the “improvement”. Focused there, they never benefit from “improvement” as it never comes.

But later generations do.

I know lining up with “improvement” guarantees outcomes aligned with that will show up in my life. And since my life is all about Copiosis to a large degree, that must mean Copiosis benefits from Bannon’s success in flooding the zone with his shit.

So from there, I thank him for the stinky mess he’s helped create.

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