Going with the flow

What success looks like

In the course of creating something new, something never been done before, dead ends, diversions, roundabouts, start-overs, are inevitable.  If first you don’t succeed…

When we launched our first two demonstration projects, in Portland and Chico, we were excited Copiosis was going to catch on like wildfire.  It didn’t.  We got a ton of interest around the world. That overwhelmed our team. We couldn’t handle that much demand given our resources.

So we put demonstration projects on permanent hold.

That’s a good thing though, ’cause if the project initiative had gone forward, we would have been overwhelmed, struggling and underwhelming everyone, including ourselves.

Our software, in its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) state, could not have handled the user load.  The back, which is even more basic than the front end, would have been a nightmare to negotiate. We wouldn’t have been able to afford the server load, either.

So when trades online and interest in the projects seemed to stall, I was at once disappointed and glad.  I realized things were happening exactly the way they were supposed to.  And thank goodness.

What is the right way? Was it the right decision?

Let’s ask a different question. Are we better off now than when we were back then?

Yes, we are.

So did we decide right? Could we have decided wrong?

I don’t think it matters because where we are is better than where we were. Everything gets better and better as we transition the world to Copiosis.

Going with the flow with a general idea of where that flow takes me. That’s a big part of our success with Copiosis.

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