Hatred Results In One Thing And It’s Not The Future

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Hatred ends in death. Copiosis is not about hatred.

Whether it’s someone who loathes themselves into depression and then commits suicide, or an entire culture or community that spews hates toward another, and in doing so, invites its own destruction, one who hates invites their end.

So anyone who wants a better future, if they really want that, must give up their hatred. For those interested in creating a technologically-based better future, one such as Copiosis, such people cannot realize that future. Not if they profess hatred toward anything. That includes a political party or individuals with different political ideas.

So if you’re progressive and you hate conservatives over what they’re doing – or vice versa – you’re not doing yourself any favors. Instead, you’re your own worst enemy. You act in opposition to the new future you want.

This post comes on the heels of a post I wrote last week about conservatives. But this post is not about that post. It’s about reactions to that post.

It bears repeating. People who claim they want a better future, but cannot release their vitriol for people they think are problems, cannot create the future they want. Instead of being the solution they’re the problem.

Even as they think they aren’t.

Conservative haters

Case in point: All Cops Are Bastards.

If someone really wants police reform, screaming such a blanket statement is not going to get that person there. It should be blatantly obvious. Not ALL cops are bad. A simple internet search, or YouTube search will reveal all kinds of instances of police officers doing their job appropriately. Like in this compilation:

The problem with such blanket statements is, they tend to invoke resentment and resistance within the exact people such screamers want to change.

The same goes, for example, with conservatives. The fact is, the future will include politically conservative people. There’s no scenario I can think of where all conservative people go extinct, leaving only progressives on the planet. Same with the opposite scenario.

That means, people wanting better futures, but hating conservatives or pointing to them (or progressives) as the reason why that better future can’t come, make it harder for the future they claim to want to show up.

This person thinks they want a future that’s different from today. But as long as they call conservatives “useless” they can’t get there.

Are they all bad? Really?

Hating conservatives and blaming them for the reason change doesn’t appear to be happening turns conservatives into your enemies. Of course they’re going to resist what you’re trying to do because you’re blaming them for what’s happening. That makes it harder to create the future you want.

The problem is everyone is to blame for what’s happening. No one is innocent. Everyone makes decisions exacerbating problems we face. We can’t help it. We can’t help it because the problems are systemic. Such problems can’t go away until the system perpetuating them fundamentally changes.

Until it changes, anyone operating in the system perpetuates the system, meaning anyone operating in the system is part of the problem. That includes progressives AND conservatives. Or any other binary set of groups you want to mention.

Meanwhile, “conservatives” includes a lot of progressives. There are, for example, people who are socially progressive, but fiscally conservative. There are conservatives who are moderate in their social stance. And the more personal their experiences with certain situations, the more progressive they are.

Some conservatives with LGBTQ sons and daughters may be more progressive on LGBTQ issues, for example. Almost 10 percent of Trump supporters also support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ally or foe?

And while some might laugh because that still means 90 percent of Trump supporters are anti-BLM, we must remember, “Trump supporters” no matter how large they are, do not represent ALL conservative Americans.

A person using an emoji to express their hatred.

People who want a better future must become an ally to what it is they want. If they’re hating any group, or wishing to punish some for what they’ve done, then they ally themselves with what is. Not with the future they claim they want. Punishment is a feature of the system. As is retribution and “revenge justice”, a phrase that’s redundant.

I know it’s hard, but the future starts in each individual. No shortcuts. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. That’s where it begins. Then it spreads outward.

Thinking you’re going to create a better future while steeping one’s self in hate, retribution or revenge is a fool’s errand. So is blaming one group for your troubles. You’re only fooling yourself into thinking you’re one of the good guys.

But really, you’re not.

Stop hating. It’s not attractive.

2 thoughts on “Hatred Results In One Thing And It’s Not The Future

  1. Excellent article.
    The tricky part is people hate, get angry and blame because it feels empowering and sooo much better than powerless, helpless and fear. It’s one of the major symptoms in ALL sides. It’s the Thing humans do that makes no change and creates divisiveness. Thise attracted to Copiosis will be ready to move beyond this “funky” habit that only temporarily gives relief.

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