Have fun, it’s easy. Here’s how

have funIt’s simple.

Make something people want thereby making them better off and you’ll be rewarded. This guy is doing it in a maniacal way. Damn his critics, he’s creating value. A lot.

You don’t have to be that crazy.

The future – internet, mobile devices, ubiquitous travel, crowdsourcing, etc. – is here. It’s allowing people like you and me able to do everything our parents did but a whole lot better. Including making a living. Including changing long-held ideas and beliefs.

Scratch that.

Even “making a living” has become obsolete for people like this guy. What he is doing is “having fun.” Having fun is now available to everyone.

That’s why fighting for jobs, the right political system, the right blend of “redistribution” makes no sense. Instead, find ways to make all those things obsolete. Your idea doesn’t have to be a world-changing, systemic solution to our major systemic problems. All it has to do is change your life in a meaningful way. Like this guy’s did.

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