Have we traded one tyrant for another?

No more student loans. Really.

Today is Independence Day. It is a day that we as a nation commemorate the sacrifice and the accomplishment that came with our declaration of independence from England. We all know this. We celebrate our “great democracy” as a global leader of opportunity, where individual Americans have an equal chance at that opportunity and where anyone can become anything if they simply work hard and dedicate themselves.

Many of us believe this. I sure did. That’s why I’m still paying off some student loans. So is my girlfriend. She has over $100K in student loans!

But is it really worth racking up that student loan debt?  Employment opportunities at graduation aren’t what they used to be. America’syoung people – are increasingly being slammed with student debt many have no hope of getting out from under.

An excellent set of infographics accompanies a decent article illustrating the ball-and-chain constraining our young people’s freedoms. Have we traded one form of tyranny for another?

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