Here’s How Easy A Better World Happens.


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A better world can be yours. Even when the world around you is going to hell.

A better world happens for you when you put attention on the better world you want. A soldier revels in combat. The buddhist monk seeks enlightenment. Both live better world experiences.

You may think one is preferable. Physical reality is purpose-built to hold all preferences.

Evidence of the world you want is all around you. But you can’t see that world, if you’re overly focused on what’s going wrong in other people’s worlds.

Many in the ecosystem I spend a lot of time in, get discouraged when other people don’t accept their ideas. They forget nearly everyone looks at the world around them as the only one. The only real one.

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REPORTER: You know why you’ve done this for 22 years? COMBAT SOLDIER IN AFGHANISTAN: Sir I don’t know why I’ve done this for 22 years. I just, I’ve enjoyed it and I’ve just kept doing it. And as long as I can stay healthy and keep doing it, I’m gonna keep doing it. REPORTER: Even after a mission like this? (where the soldier’s unit was ambushed and took heavy casualties). COMBAT SOLDIER: Even after a mission like this. (Photo: By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume.)

Few people realize the world they live in is not the only valid world. So they put all their attention on the one they see. That makes sense, right?

People with better world ideas see two worlds. One is the world they want. The other is the one they’ve got. Powerful betterworlders hold their vision on the former. Lesser betterworlders waffle.

They get frustrated when other people don’t agree with them, or when other people don’t understand. When a betterworlder gets frustrated at this, they’ve given up their power. They’ve given up looking at the world they want – which is where their power is – in favor of the one they’ve got.

But the one they’ve got already served its purpose: to inspire the new world the betterworlder wants. Why do they keep returning to the old world?

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Photo by the author

Habit in a word. It’s hard to break the habit of looking at the world around you. It’s equally hard making the new habit. Living in a world that is only an idea at the moment can challenge even the most visionary visionary. There’s so much evidence of the current world to look at. Meanwhile that new world remains a glimmer, an idea, or a dream.

Successful visionaries are the ones who trade old seeing habits for new ones. Persist long enough and that new habit makes the new world they are wanting a new world for everyone. But first it has to become the betterworlder’s new world. It must replace their old one.

Seems like visionary frustration is part of the path. It doesn’t have to be. But for many betterworlders it is. Amateur betterworlders create their ideas, get excited about them, even act on them.

But opposition discourages them. Some visions die right there.

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As dead as a dead possum. That’s what happens to most betterworld ideas. (photo by the author)

Adept betterworlders know opposition helps a vision become real. In fact, new ideas can’t become real without opposition.

A lot of people are complaining right now about the world they have. Few are complaining and have something better in mind. Few of those have an idea that can work. So it’s a good thing some visionaries don’t succeed.

For those with good ideas, it would be a good idea getting this: those who don’t get you, those who oppose you, those who scoff at your messages are on your side.

If you can get there, you’ll find your path less troubled.

Even so, what you want won’t happen overnight. Thinking it will will you lose hope. Usually change happens at a rate slower than most humans expect. It happens fast. But humans often think is should happen instantaneously. Like an Amazon Prime shipment.

That distortion causes discouragement.

You don’t need Trump out of office or liberals kicked to the curb labor to fall in love with your idea. You just need to focus on the world you want and act in that direction.

Do that and watch everything else fall in line. It may take decades. Or more. But what’s a little time? Time isn’t real anyway.

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Even if it takes a hundred years, your idea is worth pursuing. And you have a hundred years to give it. (Photo: Alex Knight on Unsplash)

If it takes 100 years and, on your deathbed you see what you want in place, but don’t get to live it, you’ve still succeeded. Jacque Fresco died recently. He didn’t get to see it. I wonder if he left the physical world disappointed about that.

I hope not. The journey is far more important than the destination. Many don’t get that. It’s saying, your life is always a journey to some end. Even when one end is had, more ends come in sight. So you might as well get used to being on a journey.

Journey is what life is all about. Look at it as the adventure it is.

No one else will do that for you.

Your better world begins with you becoming better at seeing the better world you want to see, instead of seeing the world pissing you off.

That’s the magic of betterworlding. There’s a reason why visionaries are rare. Betterworlders even more so.

Because it’s easier just making do with the world you got, than trying to create the world one wants.

I don’t agree with that. Then again, I’m a betterworlder to the core.

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