Here’s Why The World Is Turning Out Awesome

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So many people are complaining about the current system.  Top of their list: capitalism, global warming, politics, the president, liberals, conservatives.

And while they’re focused on all that’s going wrong (to them), an exciting future emerges right before their eyes.

Paradoxically, excitement about the future creates a future worthy of your excitement.

But that’s another story.

We are excited about the future. We’re not worried about climate change. We’re not worried about Trump. We’re not worried about republicans, capitalism, mass shootings or anything else.

Why? Because we know the world is becoming amazing. Heck, it already is amazing.

But let’s stick to the future.

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There are so many signs the future is bright, the mind boggles. Not about the bright future. What’s boggling is how much people are complaining. There’s so much to celebrate.

Of course, we envision one particular future. One where no one is in debt. Where everyone gets their food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare at no cost to them or anyone else. And where there is equal opportunity for everyone, and yet the benefit of unequal outcomes remains.

Humans have free will. Not everyone wants great wealth. Or at least they’re not willing to confront what they must to have it. But those who do get what they want. Whether it be wealth, or anything else. So unequal outcomes will always be a thing. No matter how equal the opportunity.

So when we look into the future from the world we have today, we see overwhelmingly positive evidence. Positive evidence the world right now is creating the future we want to see. We could offer a huge listical of evidence. Instead we’ll share three current events. You may be missing them while you’re focused on what you is going wrong.

By no means are these full-blown, perfect representations of what’s coming. All of them are distortions to some degree. Through them though, human collective consciousness is testing out these ideas prior to their full, proper implementation.

As such these three events point to not only a bright future. They point to a future that’s here. In fact, it’s becoming right before our eyes.

Kyle Glenn the world is coming blog
Photo: Kyle Glenn

The first: China’s Social Credit System. There are big problems with this prototype-stage rating system. It is nothing like Copiosis’ reputation accounts. China’s system doesn’t exist to preserve human freedoms. Nor can it. It’s not meant to.

But the plan does represent an experiment the world can watch.

We knew a communist country with strong government control, such as China or Russia would have an easier time implementing something as broad sweeping as our innovation. So we’re not surprised China’s moving first. US forward thinkers already are considering similar ideas. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As China speeds towards implementation, we’re keeping an eye out for what works. And what doesn’t in their test. So are a lot of others.

Next, Black Mirror’s rating system. Recently, the popular British show, which offers a satirical look at the future, offered its own version of a rating system. Keeping to it’s “black” opinion of the future, things don’t work out very well with it.

Still there are a lot of people talking about this episode’s premise. One way human consciousness works out or works through selecting its future is by testing potential ideas an imaginative scale. No better place exists to do that than in entertainment. Black Mirror’s “Nosedive” episode is a wonderful example.

It’s not meant to be the final opinion or ruling on whether or not rating systems are good or bad. It’s just an exploration. A test.

We like the episode. It gave a lot of people a negative impression of rating systems. But it still introduced the idea on a broad scale. The more familiar people are with it, but more interested they’ll get when they hear an idea seriously proposed.

There’s, Andrew Yang’s US presidential campaign. This is the first United States presidential candidate running on a Universal Basic Income (UBI) platform. A bold move. But it’s the natural next step following Bernie Sanders’ campaign, where he argued for socialist values.

Yang, one-percenter, and serial entrepreneur, argues that economies need to be human centered, not profit centered. He’s got a list of plans to change capitalism in the face of AI technology’s inevitable destruction of most jobs. Andrew wants to give every person $1000 a month, no exceptions.

And he’s getting standing ovations folks.

Not too long ago, a lot of people laughed in the face of anyone suggesting something like this. The world has changed. And it continues to. We know it’s towards that which we’re wanting to see.

Yang is running on a Copiosis-like platform. He’s jsut starting with UBI first. Awesome.

But wait, there’s more.

Last week, Yang came out with another seemingly wild proposal. That is, unless you are familiar with Copiosis. He is now proposing a credit system that sounds a lot like Copiosis’ reputation accounts system. So first, he’s talking about UBI. Now he’s talking about a digital credit system where people earn points for doing good things….

Is he reading from the Copiosis transition plan?

Finally: There’s this television show called The Good Place. Last week we received an IM over Facebook. It was cryptic. It just said to watch the first 10 minutes of this show called The Good Place. We’d understand why once we watched it.

The Good Place blog

Surprisingly, the first ten minutes were surprising. The show is set in a “good place” where some people go after death. Who gets in the “good place” vs the “bad place” is decided as humans go along living their lives. Apparently, those in the “good place” are measuring every human action, and rewarding them based on how beneficial the actions are to humanity. Just like the Copiosis algorithm!!!

The show is fun, lighthearted and makes little reference to the rewards process. But the fact that it described (albeit generally) a system similar to Copiosis NBR algorithm was not missed on us!

Take a look at this video we put together from the first few minutes of the show. Thanks to CBS for letting us show this.

Compare that with the way our algorithm works:

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There are so many things happening right now that’s good at the same time so much negative stuff seems to be happening. The good things happening indicate a better world is not only on the way, it is emerging….right now.

It boggles the mind why more people aren’t realizing this and therefore feeling great relief from their fears and insecurities.

In the Matrix, Neo’s mentor Morpheus speaks about “signs” telling him the world he knows is possible is becoming their collective reality. When another character scoffs at his prophetic ideas, Morpheus says “I do not see coincidence. I see providence.”

We agree with Morpheus. While others are complaining about the world around them,  dismissing obvious evidence the world is getting better, we focus singularly on the signs pointing towards the future we want.

It’s awesome to watch public consciousness experimenting with what we know the future to be. As the pace quickens we think people are going to be astonished how humanity pulled out of what they thought was certain self-destruction.

But we won’t be.

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