How a dearth of solutions create opportunity

No solution no problem.001The more people clamor amongst the problems, the greater the opportunity.

With no solutions in sight, human nature will grasp anything seemingly better than status quo. Tyrants and despots fill such voids. Drowning men will grab twigs to save their drowning lives. In desperation, we’ve proven to be: Not. Too. Smart.

More people see the writing on the wall. Looking for solutions, all they see are twigs. Trump, Biden, democratic elections…all twigs.

There’s a saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Even after the 2020 election, Americans will see not much fundamental change. Instead, they’ll become disillusioned after whoever becomes president next.

But disillusionment = good.

Mr. Smith, the malevolent program in the tale The Matrix described humanity as a virus. We expand and devour until nothing remains. Inspired by our current socioeconomic reality, our behavior does resemble this microorganism.

We’re all playing our part. It’s not just the psychopaths, the one percent, or the illuminati.

But how could we do anything else? Indirect democracy + capitalism motivates and rewards such behavior, behavior as natural to being human as any other. Given the context that is.

Change the context and humanity too will change. Change the context and we will change people and the world simultaneously.

Solutions that change the system and the rules offer hope. Add a transition strategy and you create unprecedented everything.

You can be a part of unprecedented change. It costs nothing but your time. Your time is precious. Your investment in working with us, will return the immeasurable: a better future for everyone.



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