How Better Will Result From People Getting Mad

Nothing really good happens until collectively, or at the very least, a majority of us, believes the status quo should go. For all their bluster and frustration, violence and cheating, the right arrived at that point years ago with regard to how America works.

They’re mad and they’re not going to stand for it anymore.

What a great place from which to stand. I suspect the left will get there too. When that happens, Americans, at least, will stand ready for something better than what the founding fathers penned as our nation’s seminal documents.

January 6’s insurrection signaled more than a flimsy attempt to take over the government. It represented a grasping, gasping attempt to do through action what the right failed to do through more peaceful means: change how the nation is going so they can feel better.

Meanwhile, brighter minds than the manipulated MAGA crowd wages a separate, more comprehensive strategy. People like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone lead plans which overhauled state legislatures and voting districts. Those overhauls now mean Republicans control the majority of state legislatures.

Democracy: doomed. That’s a good thing

Since we’re a nation ruled by law, legislature control represents a powerful lever on controlling the nation. Laws become laws through legislative action. Republican-controlled legislative action will mean more laws made along right-leaning lines. Combine that with a republican-controlled SCOTUS and the die is cast: expect decades of laws that will turn much of America red.

By red, of course, I mean red with anger. Blue and purple states likely won’t turn red. But those living in blue and purple states likely won’t long stand for right-controlled law making. Most Americans lie in the middle of left and right fringes. That fact may keep us from teetering too far into an Atwoodian Handmaid’s Tale scenario. For when more laws get passed supporting how Republicans think we should live, that American majority will react.

Hopefully, when they do, they’ll recognize the Rule of Law as the terrible idea it is. Hopefully too, they’ll get how foolish democracy is. Then they’ll start looking for something better.

They’re getting there

More than half of Americans think our democracy is over. I’m not a doomsayer, but I really hope that’s the case. While it appears to have worked over the years, democracy really isn’t the best way to run a country. Combine democracy with capitalism, where profit stands paramount over all else and everyone must earn their living, and you get a recipe for…well…what we see today.

Today desperation, insecurity and fear dominates some people’s lives so completely, they’re easy marks for the more desperate, insecure and fearful who want to take advantage of them to get into powerful positions and keep them. Trump represents just the latest of such advantage-takers. His gravity draws others like him to the surface. And when these people get together, as we’ve seen with John Eastman, Bannon, Stone and, yes, Rudy Giuliani, all hell breaks loose.

And yet, this represents so much good in the making. Because the sooner people see how screwed up our system is, the sooner they will look for something better. Better stands ready. But as people still think the status quo works, “better” still gets labeled “too drastic”, “too revolutionary”, “unrealistic” and “utopian”. Which explains why I’m encouraged that more than half of Americans think democracy’s dead.

But better is on its way

Americans still need more pain before they give up propping up the status quo. In the meantime, we at Copiosis stand ready. Right now, Americans ignore us. In time, some of them will laugh at us, thinking what we’re doing is folly. Then, as more people start loving what we’re offering, taking it seriously and considering it as a viable alternative, some will fight us.

And when they fight us, we will win. Not because we’ll fight back, but because their energy in wanting to fight gives the final boost that causes people to look seriously at what we offer.

Gandhi got it right when he said “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” That’s our roadmap too. Ghandi proved that path creates world-transforming new realities. I have immense confidence Copiosis follows his lead and the lead of other “greats”.

Americans are getting mad. That means better is coming.

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