How Copiosis Makes Your Life Fantastic

Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

Your life is complex. You have a lot going on. Today’s socioeconomic situation is complex too. Add to that our circus-like political system and it’s a wonder the whole thing works.

Copiosis is complex too. But its design serves one purpose: freeing you so you can focus on your dreams. Here’s how your life gets better through Copiosis’ inherent design.

You’re instantly far richer than you are now

All your debt is gone, leaving you and people you owe money unharmed.

Money in Copiosis is replaced by Net Benefit Rewards (NBR), a credit system which allows you total control over your wealth. No one can take your wealth from you in any way whatsoever. So there are no taxes, fines, fees or even prices. No one can steal your wealth. No one can swindle it from you. So you don’t have to worry at all about your “money”.

Speaking of money, are you tired of not having enough? Would you like more without working more? How about an ongoing income rewarding you for past acts? That’s how NBR works in Copiosis. And it works for everyone.

Here’s how.

First, Producers make your basic but scrumptious food, basic serviceable, fashionable clothing, basic but luxurious shelter (by today’s standards), all your education and all your healthcare available to you at no cost to you or anyone else. So not only is your wealth safe. With your necessities provided at no cost to you, your welfare is too.

Meanwhile, your purchasing power is significantly amplified.

The two graphs below show an average American family’s annual household expenses today, compared to the same expenses in Copiosis. Copiosis’ design alone reduces an average American family’s annual living costs by almost 90 percent!

Let’s play with this a minute. In the second graph we take some of your savings and boost your entertainment budget almost 10x.

So instead of spending $3,000 on entertainment out of the house, in Copiosis, even if your family spent $20,000 on entertainment, your total household expenses would still go down by two-thirds compared to today!

And, if your family had a mortgage, you now own your home outright. Any car loans or leases…gone…and your family keeps the cars.

So the money you have now goes way farther.

But it gets better

You get NBR by doing things that make people and the planet better. Not only that, when you make someone or the planet better off, so long as those conditions remain or improve, you continue getting NBR for that past act.

What does this mean?

Not only does your current wealth go farther, things you do today create continuing NBR income without you having to do more work.

What about government?

Government services continue. But they just get better and better. The same way your life does. (Photo: Martin Falbisoner)

Meanwhile, government functions continue. But they get better, and better. Government workers become individual producers, like everyone else. Like everyone else, they also get NBR instead of money. So these producers can get rich, just like you. And, if benefits they create continue, every responsible party keeps getting rewarded for them.

“Getting rich” means producing the most Net benefit you can. That means, whatever they do – defense, health and human services, land management, international relations – must produce more benefit to people and the planet than harm. Like any producer, there is no limit to how much better their results can get.

What people don’t like about government (yes, progressives AND conservatives) goes away. Meanwhile, government services get better, making your life easier and the United States an awesome place. (Photo: Hedi Benyounes)

In Copiosis the political see-saw of today largely disappears. There’s no money in Copiosis. No need for campaign finance reform!

Politicians don’t fight over gun control, abortion or women’s rights. These issues are Producers’ problems not political ones. Rewards producers get are tied directly to their outcomes. If their products create harm, Producers get less NBR.

What does this mean for you? More freedom. More wealth, less political gridlock. More stuff gets done faster. Your life gets better. The world does too.

Copiosis makes your life fantastic, in ways impossible today. We can’t list them all here. There are just too many!

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, or tired of earning a living, Copiosis not only can bring relief, it can make your life fantastic.

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