How Copiosis Supports The Elderly

Photo by Lahiru Madushanka on Unsplash

Someone asked: How are those in need of care, such as the elderly, get care when everything is a volunteer-based? Who will care for them?

Everything is not “volunteer-based” in Copiosis. Things happen when people follow through with their passions.

For example, Perry, the Copiosis founder, is not running Copiosis because he decided to “volunteer” for it. He’s doing it because it’s his passion. His passion drives him. That’s the case with nearly everyone on the Copiosis team. They’re not doing it as volunteers. They’re doing it because they are so inspired by it they can’t not do it.

Does that make sense?

So those in need will get care because there are a LOT of people who are freaking crazy-passionate about that kind of thing. Here’s a blog posted where Perry shares an experience that illustrates this perfectly.

So it’s not possible that people won’t find care. “Care” will be all around them.

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