How people get paid in Copiosis

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Will there be such a thing as turnover and revenue in Copiosis? How will this be calculated? Is it necessary to be calculated?

In business, inventory turnover measures the number of times a company’s item inventory depletes and then is replenished. Turnover measures important performance and efficiencies within a company.

Revenue, of course means how much gross income a company makes off sales.

Obviously, in Copiosis there are no revenues because a company can’t own NBR. Turnover is a useful metric though as it can tell company operators and the Copiosis Organization how many resources the company uses (turnover is a kind of measure of consumer demand and thus indicates how much supply will be needed to meet future demand should the turnover rate remain constant).

Photo by Milad B. Fakurian on Unsplash

When considering how much NBR company operators may get, understanding how much resources the company uses is a good thing to know because resource consumption is one input into the algorithm.

So yes, turnover will be a “thing”, but not revenue. Instead of revenue, operators will receive NBR awards in a given period. How much depends on what they do and how they do it among a number of other factors.

Copiosis Organization members will want to know what operators are doing in the company so they (the Copiosis Organization) can reward operators. Copiosis Organization members also will want to know what’s happening with the resources at each production stage. That way they have all the data needed to reward everyone in the company, assuming they also have consumption and environmental data they will need, which should be easy to get because Copiosis Organization members and others will monitor such activity regularly.

All this will not be an exact science, rather it will be more of an art that will improve over time. The early stages will be fun to watch! And the more data collected over time, and the better technology gets, some day in the future, the process gets automated making it effortless to reward NBR across all sectors.

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