How People’s Needs Are Easily Provided

In Copiosis, all Necessities – housing, food, clothing, medical care and education – are provided to everyone at no cost to anyone.

Those who provide them – Producers – are rewarded NBR, the amount of which is determined by the Copiosis algorithm, not by those who receive these Necessities.

Capital goods – materials, utilities, labor – are furnished to Producers in the same way: at no cost to them as decided by those stewarding said capital goods.

How much NBR a Producer gets depends on resulting benefits to consumers and the community. For example, a Housing Producer would receive more NBR for providing an energy-efficient home, and a Health Care Provider would get maximum NBR for actually healing or curing the patient as opposed to simply administering ongoing treatments.

In this way everyone gets what they need without paying for them. That makes getting things done way easier.

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