How Removing Money From Government Makes Government Obsolete

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This is a continuing series publishing questions asked via our contact page or elsewhere. If you have a question about Copiosis, use the contact page and we’ll answer your question, then perhaps post a blog about it and include it in our Q&A page.

If the money a company owns in capitalism is transferred into Copiosis, the company will more or less be worthless for the owners, because companies can not own NBR. Will a company’s money just be paid out as NBR to the owners/shareholders? How will this be handled?

Yes. Cash and other cash equivalents owned by a company will be distributed to shareholders/owners in a per-share ratio, meaning, the more shares or owner’s equity a particular owner has, the more of the distribution that person will receive.

How will countries handle their national budgets? As I understood this will not be necessary anymore. If the Copiosis Organization manages all payments, governments will loose all their power, how will this be managed?

There will be budgets for those nations still using money. They will have to contend with that on their own. For countries using Copiosis, budgets are irrelevant as there are no costs or revenues to balance or manage. National debts will have to be negotiated out of existence.

A Copiosis nation could offer its surplus production and trade other products and services in return for settling money-based debt. That’s one idea. We’re sure others will come up with productive alternatives once enough people want Copiosis. We’re confident in humanity.

Government organizations lose all their power. Government employees, from supreme court judges all the way to the office clerk in the General Services Administration, all become individual producers. So the work of these agencies do will likely continue and it will all get better or disappear depending on people’s passions. Free of political meddling and power wrangling, it will be interesting to see how much better such services can get.

Elected officials may have a lot of mental and emotional struggle as they figure out what they will do going forward. But they all must face this point someday when they retire. Most former heads of state, once they are not that anymore, will figure out what to do. If they can do it, all the rest of them can too. These people are all smart, capable leaders. They will not starve, go homeless or anything else. Instead, we expect they will thrive.

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