I Want A Playstation

I Want A Playstation

Editors Note: This question came to us via our first livestream on YouTube. It shows what’s possible in Copiosis, so we thought we’d share it here too.

So say I want to own a playstation. In this system how would I get it?

It’s likely a playstation is not a necessity. It’s not food, clothing, shelter, education or healthcare. So it would likely be a luxury. You’d need to do something that creates Net Benefit. Anything will do. So what are you passionate about? Tell us and we would describe how that would work.

I’m passionate about music and video games. The way I’d like to make money right now would be through a monetized YouTube channel about video game reviews and/or song covers.

Right. So you probably know there are a lot of people doing what you’re passionate about. That’s not a problem. If it’s your passion, you can succeed and receive everything you want around what that success looks like for you.

Consider the Copiosis Net Benefit algorithm and how it works. You don’t have to do this, but it could be interesting considering it. A LOT of people love music and video games. A LOT of people read reviews of both. So you have a HUGE opportunity to create net benefit, right? And…as you probably know, it takes a while to build an audience.

Yes, you can drive “fake” traffic to your channel with workarounds. But there’s no hurry to get NBR in Copiosis because you don’t need it for your basic house or apartment, food, healthcare, education or basic clothing. All that is necessity stuff. The NBR you’ll get can go right to getting that game console.

So you can take your time, refine your passion and, as your audience grows, so does the amount of NBR you get, provided you’re offering factual, accurate information that serves people. That’s it. That’s how it works.

Here’s the cool thing about what you’re doing: when you put up a video talking about something, it’s there forever. So you continue getting NBR for that. You’ll have that Playstation in no time. In fact, if you become really influential, don’t you think game makers would send you stuff to review before it’s released? We do! What a nice fringe benefit!

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