“I was charged $10 for a cough drop”

Nine thousand people liked this tweet. Six thousand retweeted it. Hundreds commented.

We know we can do better than we are doing. There is pent-up demand for an answer to “how do we solve this capitalism thing?”

A marketer’s response: that’s a recipie to make a lot of money.

I agree. But more important, it’s an opportunity to create amazing change. That’s what we’re up to.

It seems I’m over here sitting on my duff, with nothing happening at Copiosis other than an occasional blog post. But progress at Copiosis is like your most intimate experience of change and progress.

I’m talking about changes happening in you.

It seems your body is not changing at all, sitting there as you read this, your body seems to be just sitting there, doing what you ask of it, doing things you don’t ask it to do automatically, things that keep you alive.

Your identity, your personality, character and such are similar. Seems to you they do not change. You can’t perceive the changes, but they are for sure changing.

There is a lot of activity that is imperceptible….until it is. A moment later you may need to pee. A few hours later you may need to eat or sleep. One day you may need a hair cut. Many months later, you’ll need your teeth cleaned. Many years later you’ll be old. One day you’ll wake up dead.

Change events happening over moments, days, months aren’t that significant. But they add up. But it’s the ones that become perceptible over many years that really matter.

That’s what Copiosis is: change over many years.

We’re going to solve the $10 cough drop problem. But it’s not going to happen overnight.

7 thoughts on ““I was charged $10 for a cough drop”

  1. Most people quietly accept the ten dollar cough drops. Insurance pays for them and they believe there’s nothing they can do about it. Then they wonder why their health insurance is so expensive.

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