In Capitalism Everybody Is Underpaid

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If you’re working for someone else, it’s likely sometimes you think about what else you could be doing with your time. Maybe you think about how much money you’re making.

And sometimes you wonder if you should be making more.

The answer is always yes.

And by yes, I don’t mean a fifty-cent raise, or a salary increase that gets gobbled by inflation.

My wife says “rich people are not underpaid.”

Well, yes they are. Because even rich people want more than they have.

And that means they feel they don’t have enough.

Average Joes and Janes are no different. Everybody wants more. But in our current structured society it’s difficult to satisfy that “more” longing. Especially when working for someone else.

When you work for someone else, you’re at the whim of that person’s willingness to pay you more. Most employers don’t want to do that, even when it is justified. It costs money to do that.

How can I claim no one is paid what they’re worth in capitalism?

Isn’t it obvious?

No matter how much you’re paid, the person or organization paying you is making more money off your time and energy contribution than they’re paying you. That should be obvious.

Your pay also is hardly ever –– if ever –– based on how much you’re actually worth. It’s nearly always based on market rates for the kind of labor your efforts represent.

That has nothing to do with your worth.

It has far more to do with what you and your employer, as a microcosm of the larger market of employers and labor, are willing to settle on.

So every salary, every wage is a compromise.

There is no need to compromise in life.

Unless you live in a society dominated by markets, money and government. But the future doesn’t include those things.

I know, it’s really hard to envision a future not inclusive of those things.

But in the future all things become possible. For it is only markets, money and government which at the very least slows progress down. Sometimes way down.

It’s time for a better future. More and more people are asking for it. Particularly younger people.

What does that future look like? For starters, it’s one which pays you what you’re worth. Because the facts are, no amount of money can equal your worth. That’s why, in the future your potential earnings are exactly equal to your worth.

Which is unlimited.

Now we just need more and more people of all kinds letting that future happen. That’s just a matter of time.

The future is boundless. And it’s coming.


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