It’s never about what it’s about

Sarah McBride will be a guest on the Transamorous Network on Saturday

A key member of the Copiosis team decided they could no longer participate in our work. Turns out he and his wife thought the work I’m doing with one of my other companies, The Transamorous Network was offensive, divisive and disrespectful. So much so working on Copiosis, for them – even though the two organizations are totally separate entities – was no longer possible.

That conclusion surprised me. The Transamorous Network is receiving early praise for the work we’re doing in the trans community. This Saturday in fact, Sarah McBride, the first transwoman ever to speak at a national convention, will be on the show with us. Our local county community services provider has asked if The Transamorous Network would be willing to organize a workshop for their trans clients. So, far from being an offensive and divisive entity, The Transamorous Network is offering something of value, value that is being recognized by the community it serves.

I’m going to miss contributions from this person who feels he no longer can work with us. In a followup conversation I learned the real reason for his sudden departure had nothing to do with the work I’m doing in the transgender community. It had more to do, turns out, with issues totally unrelated to any of the work I’m doing. That was just a diversion masking the underlying reason. Reasons I won’t share, of course.

As an Intel executive, I reported directly to a manager who once told me “It’s never about what it’s about”, meaning, when someone has a beef, usually, the situation has little to do with the reason they’re giving for it. It’s too bad in this case we couldn’t have talked through the real reason, because I think we could have come to a place where we were still working together.

Another thing I’ve learned is, all things happen for a reason. I’m eager to see how this person’s departure is contributing perfectly to what is clearly Copiosis’ continual magnificent unfolding.


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