It’s the end of earning a living, not civilization

10606011_776982179031838_3237180135872658579_nShould not be news to most of you.

The end is near.

The “end” isn’t the end of civilization, the modern age, or industrialism. It’s the end of earning a living.

Breathe easy.

Human civilization is not ending. The planet isn’t going to shrug humanity off its surface. There’s way too much well being in place here for that. The number of beings experiencing ecstasy, joyful present moments, fulfillment and eager anticipation for more exert too much influence to allow such an event. And the universe is responding to all that good-feeling by creating more of the same.

The naysayers are wrong. End of mankind? Whatever. Keep dreaming, but please, keep your dreams to yourself.


So what is shifting?

Structures preventing the realization of more joy, fulfillment, abundance and diversity. Doesn’t mean those structures are bad or wrong. Capitalism, governments, nation-states all have served their glorious purposes. But change is law in the universe. That change is in the works.

You feel it, right? Yes, network news would tell you differently. They’re not in the world changing business.

Meanwhile, far more influential people are quietly working, rolling out beta versions of innovations that are gradually making the world a better place.


Don’t worry, be happy.

Seriously. Be happy. Because of their effort, the entire planet is becoming better off, including human becomings (aka human beings). Yours truly here at Copiosis too are creating new structures that will eventually reveal a world where we’ll look back at this time and say:

“Well, it was a necessary step, but we’re so glad we’re beyond that!”


No resistance to the status quo. No focus on what is. Instead, focus on what is being revealed. That is the impetus behind what we’re doing at Copiosis. Many, many people are turning their gazes in the same direction: towards the world we all know is possible. Cheerleaders like Charles Eisenstein, TZM, TVP and Russel Brand are waking more and more of the masses to this emerging reality. Other individuals (the leading edge) are well beyond the next step: getting their hands dirty and making that world the reality we’re already beginning to live.

The old “new world order” is done.

Prepare yourself. The new way is here.

2 thoughts on “It’s the end of earning a living, not civilization

    1. You are not alone in that perspective. Most people are in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mode. It is the people who live in “I believe it so I see it” mode who make the Googles, Apples, the Teslas, electricity, human civilizations (think early China, Aztec and Egyptian and yes even modern society) …all human progress. Including your “when I see it” reality. You will believe it when you see it and you will see it soon because it IS happening now. It’s just too small for you to acknowledge that it is real now. It won’t stay that way. And when it becomes big enough for you to believe it, well then, we’ve really made progress. Right?

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