Know this and you win

Hope is pessimism.001“Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is, everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you … the minute that you understand that you can poke life … that you can change it, you can mould it … that’s maybe the most important thing.”

– Steve Jobs


Winning isn’t everything. Losing works too.

Losing is the long way to winning. Either works if you don’t quit. Hope doesn’t recognize what works. It is pessimism veiled as a wish.

What’s important: knowing that the world around you is your ally, not your enemy. That includes the one percent. Only seeing the world this way allows access to your inherent power. Power beyond body and mind. Knowing this you win.

Spiritual mumbo-jumbo? You decide.

The larger the problem, the more you must rely on the outside world to kick its ass. Your body and brain are too small and weak. Use them for how they were intended and you move mountains. How?


Your small actions aren’t enough to make a difference by themselves. Continued strategic action appropriately placed (i.e. poking) ignites upward spirals (positive feedback loops) so powerful, everything falls in their wake. Upward spirals and downward spirals are how things happen in the cosmos. They are successive actual events emerging from previous ones all leading to your desired outcome. This video tells their story. Not the best production, it gets the point across.

At Copiosis we are already on the winner’s path. We know because we understand upward spirals. Through upward spirals we’ve ignited, we are seeing the world mould in our favor. We’ve been poking. The cosmos obeys.

Yes, creating a civilization free of consistent recurring problems we see in the world today is tough. To win, we don’t need all the answers. Stygmergy and upward spirals are providing all the answers, the resources we need in the time  they are needed.

Our work is to poke. People much smarter than us will join us to take it from there. As you read this, increasing numbers are checking out our innovation. They are offering encouragement, resources, pitching in.

But even those people don’t have to get it right. We have time before mission accomplished. Between now and then our plans will change. They’ll get better and better. By the time the transition occurs, our design will be good enough, for that moment. Perfect for that moment and that moment only. After the transition, it will continue to emerge, mature and evolve. All things are subject to change and are either in upward or downward spirals.

That’s why when we’re told “it can’t be done”, we can’t help think how short-sighted and naive (maybe even ignorant, but not offensively so) such observations are.

They don’t know. Know and hope is irrelevant or worse. Know this and you win.

2 thoughts on “Know this and you win

  1. It reminds me of the difference between the U.S and the west in general vs China, in the west we vote and hope to get a “good” leader but never happens and then we have what I like to call Chinese democracy where they know they cant elect someone so instead they engage in civil disobedience of which I was most impressed when they were able to stop Pepsi from buying out 7 local producers.

    For me the time of hope and waiting is over, I still remember a few months ago when I was waiting at a stop light and saw a homeless man walking down the street who looked absolutely cold and miserable and I realized that enough is enough and the time to fight for a better world has come.

    1. Yes, current systems have gotten untenable. Too many are literally being left out in the cold. Figuratively it’s not any better. We’re excited though because all this negative outpouring galvanizes mass human attention. When that happens, the upward spirals begin kicking in. When that happens, universal forces are unstoppable: change is a foregone conclusion. The key? Making sure all that galvanized attention is focused on something worthy.

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