Let’s play a new game: Call it freedom and wealth for everyone

coin2The old game is lost. Time for a new one.

Let’s call it Freedom and Wealth for Everyone.

We’ll start by making the basic necessities available to all as needed at no cost to them. Sick? Broke a bone? No problem. No cost.

We’ll make property private property. Give teeth to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Reward people for doing things that make the planet and other people better off. If those actions benefit perpetually, rewards keep coming. Rewards give you access to truly amazing luxuries. Luxuries available to anyone willing to make people and the planet better off.

Forget democracy. That Roman Empire invention never worked for the people. Forget capitalism. It’s a shame we’re still using an innovation created in the Middle Ages. In their place we’ll adopt a free market system that frees people from earning a living so they can get on with truly living: loving one another, doing great things that light their fire, getting help, helping one another become better versions of themselves. Achieving self-actualization.

We’ll unleash business in this new game. So long as they make people and the planet better off, people working in them get massive rewards. The rich don’t have to worry about wealth redistribution, because in this new game such things don’t happen. Ever.

The poor are no longer poor either. They’re rich. Far richer than today.

The freethinking social architect Buckminster Fuller said humanity now faces a choice: oblivion or utopia. Can utopia really be an option? The ideal surely is. It’s time to seriously examine that ideal. Otherwise oblivion may be our only choice.

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