Little Things Make Great, Happy Results

Photo by Hans Veth on Unsplash

The little things matter in Copiosis. By just doing simple things that create long-lasting net beneficial results, people generate untold numbers of NBR income steams. Often those streams come with little initial effort.

For example, here where I live, the Columbia Land Trust and Portland Audubon Society, work with homeowners in creating backyard bird habitats. Six thousand homeowners across three Oregon communities participate annually.

Program advocates help participants build bird-friendly spaces throughout the homeowners’ yards. In doing so, the program focuses on five categories, which, over time transform backyards into natural habitats.

Five elements leading to better environmental stewardship, one yard at a time. (Credit: Backyard Habitat Certification Program:

Helping homeowners transform yards this way helps wildlife and people. Several participating homeowners report higher satisfaction with their yards.

Participants get more than technical assistance. They also get discounts on supplies, including plants and tools that help maintain such habitats.

NBR all over the place

In Copiosis, people get rich by doing things of Net Benficial Value (NBV). Almost anything people do creates NBV. So long as that value persists, those responsible keep getting NBR.

A homeowner who transform their yard through this program, generates NBV. That’s because a yard doubling as wildlife habitat creates Net Benefit Value. How? By creating space for thriving wildlife.

The certification sign participants get. It announces another yard became something better.

So how much NBR one get for transforming their yard? It depends on many factors. However much it is, that amount keeps flowing into that person’s NBR account so long as their yard remains certified.

Also, everyone running this program, from on-site technicians all the way up to program managers, get NBR too. After all, they’re helping all 6,000 people create all that NBV.

Imagine how much benefit people create for one another and the planet that goes unrecognized today. In our economics measuring value in dollars, a lot of value goes unrecognized. When you think about that, very few things creating value get rewarded today. This program offers 6,000 examples.

How many of those 6,000 people get paid for transforming their yards? How much do program managers or the on-site techs running this program get? The answer: homeowners get nothing. Those working the program get paid, but not nearly enough for what they create.

Let’s change that. People do many little things all which add up to massive benefit. They should get something. In Copiosis, they do.

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