Make The World Better. Give These The Boot

The power of the people, once galvanized around an idea whose time has come, is unstoppable.

Back in the day, there was a group of people called the technocrats. They had a theory that abundant societies, like the United States, had reached the point were the basic needs were so plentiful, paying for them was no longer necessary other than to keep people in debt and enrich the aristocracy. This was in the early 1930s!

Today, more than 85 years later, we are witnessing even more abundance, as nearly everything is plentiful. The only thing restraining that abundance is price and economic-imposed scarcity-based politics.

The technocrat solution was unworkable then as it is now. Even so, it’s crazy to think, in this modern century, that we’re still paying for food.

There has to be a better way.

When I talk with people across the world (more than 25 countries) about Copiosis, at first they have questions. They can’t believe it’s possible to have a viable economic system that allows total freedom, abolishes all debt, spurs innovation and eliminates all market externalities caused by traditional economies.

I think part of the reason is because Copiosis is from the future, not the past so people have a hard time putting it in a familiar box.

Things in the good ol’ USA are going to get worse as we continue trying to live with what we know is destroying the American Way. Sooner or later, people will seriously consider the one thing that makes The American Way way better: Copiosis.

Here are the fundamental issues we need to fix, but never will so long as capitalism and the two party political system reign:

  1. Physical, transferrable amoral currency. This is the crux of all our problems. Until this is eliminated, we will continue to pay dearly for nearly everything.
  2. Amoral markets that put profits first. No matter what you think about capitalism, it creates perverse incentives we have come to accept as necessary. That’s crap.
  3. Government. Government never has and never will be “for the people.” It is a relic of times long gone and is no longer relevant in societies, especially those marked by abundance.

There are more things we must fix, but get these three right and the rest fall into place. When they do, milk, and other food, and all other basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education) will be provided to all at no cost. And, we’ll all be better for it.

Copiosis is an innovation that eliminates market externalities, spurs innovation, and holds people accountable for their actions like nothing else in human history. Find out more at

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